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class b airspace explained

Class B (Bravo) Airspace Explained

Class B, or Class Bravo Airspace, is the biggest class of airspace that exists around an airport. It is reserved for only the biggest and busiest of airports, the realm of the passenger and cargo jets. In many ways it is also the most restrictive, with certain barriers to entry for many types of planes Read More…

runway visual range - rvr explained

Runway Visual Range (RVR) Explained

RVR stands for Runway Visual Range and is the most accurate observation method used in determining how far a pilot will be able to see horizontally down the runway. Why Does Visibility Matter So Much? Pilots need to know what the visibility is at an airport for a variety of reasons. Visual pilots need to Read More…

ford trimotor
Aviation History

Ford Trimotor: 10 Fast Facts

The Ford Trimotor was one of the first large passenger planes, and proved its worth with its simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability. Nicknamed the “Tin Goose,” the Trimotor first flew in 1925, and served in constant use for over 60 years. For such a limited production run, the Ford Trimotor has a lot of interesting facts Read More…

unusual attitude recovery

Unusual Attitude Recovery: 2 Examples Of How To Recover

Loss of control is one of the leading causes of airplane accidents and is also one of the leading causes of airplane related fatalities. Airplanes normally don’t fall out of the sky, and before a loss of control occurs, planes tend to do unusual things. Usually, by the time the pilot realizes he has lost Read More…

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