Keith is a flight instructor in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has associates degrees in Aviation Flight Technology from Mercer County Community College and Air Traffic Control from the Community College of Beaver County. In addition to working as a CFI/CFII he works an Airport Firefighter and has extensive experience working in Airport Operations.
runway visual range - rvr explained

Runway Visual Range (RVR) Explained

RVR stands for Runway Visual Range and is the most accurate observation method used in determining how far a pilot will be able to see horizontally down the runway. Why Does Visibility Matter So Much? Pilots need to know what the visibility is at an airport for a variety of reasons. Visual pilots need to Read More…

left turning tendencies explained

Left Turning Tendencies Explained

I recall reading an article in AOPA magazine titled NASCAR drivers fly too! The article went on to discuss how a lot of NASCAR drivers also have pilot certificates. This didn’t surprise me. Why is that? Because flying airplanes can be similar to driving in NASCAR. One of those similarities involves the tendency to make Read More…