ford trimotor
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Ford Trimotor: 10 Fast Facts

The Ford Trimotor was one of the first large passenger planes, and proved its worth with its simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability. Nicknamed the “Tin Goose,” the Trimotor first flew in 1925, and served in constant use for over 60 years. For such a limited production run, the Ford Trimotor has a lot of interesting facts Read More…

Assembly-kit helicopter
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Private Helicopters

The engineers who built early helicopters envisioned their machines to become as commonplace as automobiles. Both Stanley Hiller, Jr., the founder of United Helicopters, and Arthur Young, who built the Bell Model 47, envisioned the helicopter to become the transportation method of choice for businessmen and families alike. This vision never became reality. Unlike small Read More…

Helicopters in Vietnam
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Helicopters at War

During World War II, helicopters were still limited in their capabilities. Thus, they were not used widely, although they did see service as supply and rescue craft, particularly in China, Burma, and India. During the Korean War in the early 1950s, helicopters were still largely used in a support role. Both the U.S. Army and Read More…