types of hypoxia

4 Types of Hypoxia Explained

There are many physiological factors to consider as a pilot, and one in particular can be as insidious as it can be deadly: Hypoxia. Hypoxia is medical jargon for “lack of oxygen.” While the cells in our body can die without enough oxygen, the most immediate threat is the effect Hypoxia has on the brain Read More…

atc light gun signals explained

Light Gun Signals Explained

Most flights go smoothly, without issues. However, mechanical devices have their limits, and sometimes electrical components, like radios, fail. What happens if you fly out of a towered airport, but your radio fails? Are you able to get back to the airport without communications? What if your radio is broken, but your airport doesn’t have Read More…

types of airspeed

5 Types of Airspeed Explained

Airplanes only create lift within a certain speed range, so to maintain flight, a pilot has to fly between minimum and maximum speeds. Just reading the airspeed off of the Airspeed Indicator doesn’t give the full picture, however. There are inherent accuracies in the Airspeed Indicator itself, as well as other conditions that make the Read More…