A former owner of a Cessna 350 and a current partner in a C177 Cardinal, Joel is a private pilot with 380 hours. His writings have been featured on sites such as Good Men Project and Plane and Pilot magazine, to name a few. Joel holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and his interests include space, aviation history, and astronomy.
trenton mercer airport in new jersey is a class d airport

Class D Airspace Explained

There are several classes of airspace that require control, and Class D (Delta) airspace encompasses some of the smallest airports that require a control tower. For pilots flying smaller General Aviation airplanes, Delta is the least intimidating controlled airspace to fly into. Flight into an airport with an operating control tower is actually a requirement Read More…

a map of all special use airspace in the united states

Special Use Airspace Explained

On a clear day, one can see for miles in any direction, but what you can’t see are the invisible lines that crisscross the country. These lines are the imaginary ones that are depicted on the sectional chart. They separate areas in which a pilot can fly, and have different rules based on the type Read More…

types of landing gear explained

Types of Landing Gear Explained

If you want to take off in an airplane, you don’t want to scrape along on your belly while on the ground. You also want to land without bending your prop and hopefully want to use the airplane again. To facilitate movement on the ground, airplanes are fitted with a variety of landing gear depending Read More…