A former owner of a Cessna 350 and a current partner in a C177 Cardinal, Joel is a private pilot with 380 hours. His writings have been featured on sites such as Good Men Project and Plane and Pilot magazine, to name a few. Joel holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and his interests include space, aviation history, and astronomy.
aircraft altimeters explained

Aircraft Altimeters Explained

The altimeter is only one of many instruments, but it is one of the most important because it tells the pilot how high they are. But just reading the number indicated doesn’t give the full picture about what’s going on. Why? Because there are different definitions of altitude, and altimeters must be calibrated correctly to Read More…

class g airspace

Class G Airspace Explained

Class G airspace can often times be confusing and misunderstood, especially for new pilots. We are taught about Class A, B, C, and D airspace, and that E stands for everything else. But what exactly is Class G airspace, where is it located, and what are the requirements to fly in it? What are the Read More…

turbofan vs turbojet

Turbojet vs. Turbofan Explained

Leafing through Jane’s, or geeking out about your favorite planes on Wikipedia, you may have noticed that some planes are said to have turbojet engines, and some have turbofans. You might be wondering (and for good reason) what the differences are between each. Throughout this article, we’ll give you a brief understanding of what each Read More…