first female aviators
Aviation History

Equal Flying Rights for Women – The First Female Aviators

Women have been involved with aviation since the Wright Brothers’ first brief flight in 1903. Although Katherine Wright didn’t fly with her brothers until 1909, she supported them both financially and emotionally, eventually becoming their social manager in Europe, and knew everything about the workings of their early airplanes. Blanche Scott claimed to be the Read More…

history of commercial aviation 1920 - 1930
Aviation History

The Commercial Aviation Industry: 1920 – 1930

It is unknown when the first passenger aircraft services took place in the United States, but one of the earliest recorded instances was in 1913. Sular Christofferson transported passengers between San Francisco and Oakland harbours by hydroplane. Another early instance was in 1914 when passengers were carried from Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida by a Read More…

worlds first bomb attack
Aviation History

The Worlds First Bombing Attack

In the early twentieth century, airplanes and their use for military purposes were still in their infancy. After the Wright Brothers’ first demonstration of airplane flight, many governments around the world considered the use of airplanes (or “aeroplanes,” as they were originally called) in warfare. These “heavier than air” machines were initially used by militaries Read More…