helicopter history
Aviation History

English and French Helicopters

England Many important advances in helicopter technology were made in Europe, with Germany playing a leading role. In England, however, little attention was paid to the helicopter until 1944. That year, the Bristol Aeroplane Company created a Helicopter Division, which was ultimately named Bristol Helicopters. Related Article – Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP): 4 Things Read More…

Saunders-Roe Princess
Aviation History

History of the Flying Boat

Glen Curtiss developed the first float-plane in 1912, and he produced more than 7,000 JN Jenny’s in World War I. The Navy-Curtiss 4 made the first staged aerial crossing of the Atlantic in 1919. The aircraft became more militarized due to World War I nationalism. In 1931, Britain’s Supermarine S.6B became the inspiration for the Read More…

Aviation History

Jacques Bréguet’s Gyroplane-Laboratoire

The Wright brothers are generally credited with developing the airplane, but helicopters have a much longer and troubled history. Engineers, inventors, and scientists around the world worked to turn the idea of the “gyroplane” into a working machine. But they lacked the necessary knowledge to control the aeronautical forces that lifted a helicopter off the Read More…