A former owner of a Cessna 350 and a current partner in a C177 Cardinal, Joel is a private pilot with 380 hours. His writings have been featured on sites such as Good Men Project and Plane and Pilot magazine, to name a few. Joel holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and his interests include space, aviation history, and astronomy.
retractable landing gear explained

Retractable Landing Gear Explained

Even the Wright Brothers knew that planes needed some way to reduce friction while on the ground to enable roll out and flight. The easiest solution for this problem are wheels that are low enough to keep the propeller from impacting the ground while the plane is taking off or landing. The earliest planes had Read More…

ford trimotor
Aviation History

Ford Trimotor: 10 Fast Facts

The Ford Trimotor was one of the first large passenger planes, and proved its worth with its simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability. Nicknamed the “Tin Goose,” the Trimotor first flew in 1925, and served in constant use for over 60 years. For such a limited production run, the Ford Trimotor has a lot of interesting facts Read More…

types of hypoxia

4 Types of Hypoxia Explained

There are many physiological factors to consider as a pilot, and one in particular can be as insidious as it can be deadly: Hypoxia. Hypoxia is medical jargon for “lack of oxygen.” While the cells in our body can die without enough oxygen, the most immediate threat is the effect Hypoxia has on the brain Read More…

atc light gun signals explained

Light Gun Signals Explained

Most flights go smoothly, without issues. However, mechanical devices have their limits, and sometimes electrical components, like radios, fail. What happens if you fly out of a towered airport, but your radio fails? Are you able to get back to the airport without communications? What if your radio is broken, but your airport doesn’t have Read More…