Hollywood’s Stunt Pilots

In the 1910s and 1920s, more and more people because interested in aviation. In response, Hollywood began to add flight scenes into the movies it produced. In true fashion, these scenes often required pilots to take great risks, performing near impossible feats in mid-air. Stunt pilots worked under extremely dangerous circumstances, but their contributions to Read More…

Aviation History

The End of the Airship Era: The Hindenburg Disaster

Rigid airships were developed in the early 1900s. In Germany, Hugo Eckner was instrumental in popularizing airship travel. In 1924, Eckner commanded the airship Los Angeles during its flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Encouraged by the success, he was responsible for building the even bigger airship Graf Zeppelin. Beginning in 1928, the Graf Zeppelin regularly Read More…

atlas rocket history

History of the Atlas Rocket

As one of the most iconic rockets in use by the space and defense industries within the United States, Atlas is known for many things. The rocket is most known for its use in the Mercury launch where astronauts were sent into orbit. The Atlas name is also associated with satellite delivery as it has Read More…