nc-4 plymouth

The Flight of the NC-4

Before World War I, there were no planes capable of flying from Newfoundland to Ireland. This was the shortest route across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a distance of 1,900 miles, or 3,057 kilometers, and no engine available at the time could reliably make the 20- to 30-hour-long journey. In 1913, Lord Northcliffe had put Read More…

national air races

The Great Aerial Races

Aerial racing in the United States began in 1910, when Glenn Curtiss and Louis Paulhan won races in Los Angeles. Paulhan also won the notoriously difficult London-to-Manchester race. Newcomer Claude Grahame-White won the Gordon-Bennett race on Long Island in late 1910. Related Article – 5 Best Low Time Pilot Jobs With 250 Hours In Europe, Read More…


Hollywood’s Stunt Pilots

In the 1910s and 1920s, more and more people because interested in aviation. In response, Hollywood began to add flight scenes into the movies it produced. In true fashion, these scenes often required pilots to take great risks, performing near impossible feats in mid-air. Stunt pilots worked under extremely dangerous circumstances, but their contributions to Read More…