howard hughes biography
Aviation Pioneers

Howard Hughes Mini Biography

From the Wright Brothers to Charles Lindberg to Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager and John Glenn, aviation history is replete with larger than life heroes. Men and women who blazed the trail for the modern aviation industry. Among these we must include the enigmatic Howard Hughes Jr. who, unlike anyone before or since, pushed the aviation Read More…

Clément Ader
Aviation History

Clément Ader Mini Biography

Clément Ader was an inventor and engineer. He was born February 4th, 1841 in Muret, France and died on March 5, 1926. Clément was a pioneer of flight predating the Wright brothers. He was an early aviation enthusiast. During the Franco-German War of 1870-71, Ader constructed a balloon at his own expense, propelling his interest Read More…

first female aviators
Aviation History

Equal Flying Rights for Women – The First Female Aviators

Women have been involved with aviation since the Wright Brothers’ first brief flight in 1903. Although Katherine Wright didn’t fly with her brothers until 1909, she supported them both financially and emotionally, eventually becoming their social manager in Europe, and knew everything about the workings of their early airplanes. Blanche Scott claimed to be the Read More…