Rob V. founded in October of 2019. He holds commercial single and multi-engine instrument ratings, and is a licensed CFI / CFII for both single and multi-engine aircraft. Rob currently has 1,500+ hours of flight logged, 1,000 of which is dual-given as an instructor. Learn more about him in his full bio here.
otto lilienthal
Aviation Pioneers

Otto Lilienthal

Many kids and teens are interested in flying, and some even get in trouble with their parents for trying to put their plans into motion. But Otto Lilienthal, considered by many to be the first true aviator, started building flying machines with his brother as a teen—and he never stopped. Born in Pomerania, Germany, in Read More…

Aviation Pioneers

Sir George Cayley: Paving the Way for Modern Aviation

December 17, 1903, is remembered as a monumental day in aviation history — the day that Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the age-old dream of flight and took off on the first sustained airplane ride. Several decades before the Wright brothers ascended from Kitty Hawk, however, Sir George Cayley of Yorkshire, England, launched another human Read More…