Sikorsky Mourometz V


Sikorsky's ILia Mourometz was the world's first four-engine bomber. Construction started in August, 1913 and first flight was in January, 1914. The cockpit had space for several persons. Openings on both sides of the fuselage permitted mechanics to climb out on the wings to service the engines during flight. A hatch on the left side provided an exit to the front bridge. Behind the cockpit was a large passenger cabin. In the rear was a stairway to the upper bridge and a washroom. Further back was a private cabin including a berth, small table and cabinet. During World War I over 75 ILia Mourometz were deployed in a special squadron at the front for bombing and reconnaissance missions.

Date: 1915
Nationality: Russia
Engine: four 150 hp Sunbeam V-8's
Wingspan: 97ft 9in
Weight: 10,117 lbs. Cruising Speed: 75 mph
Range: 5 hours
Ceiling: 9,840 ft
Armament: 1,150 lb of bombs, up to 7 machine guns