Saveljev Quadriplane

In 1916 V.F.Saveljev and Vladislav Zalevskij built this experimental 2-seat reconnaissance aircraft. It used fuselage from the "Morane-G" and single strut quadriplane wing box tilted forward. The Quadriplane was powered by an 80hp engine when it was flown on April 15, 1916. According to the testpilot Ungmejster, "The aircraft is very responsive and may compete with the 165hp Albatros, But it needs a 100hp Monosoupape engine." Later this engine was fitted with minor modifications, and aircraft performed numerous flights.

Function: Reconnaissance
Year: 1916
Crew: 2
Prototypes: 80hp Gnome or Clerget
Production: 100hp Monosoupape
Length: 6.0m / 6.0m
Wingspan: 8.5m / 9.3m
Wing area: 24.0m2 / 26.2m2
Empty weight: 360kg / 400kg
Loaded weight: 660kg / 700kg
Wing load: 27.5kg/m2 / 26.7kg/m2
Power load: 8.2kg/hp / 7.0kg/hp
Maximum Speed: 116km/h / 132km/h
Ceiling: more than 2000m
Endurance: 3.0h / 3.0h