with Capt. Rene Fonck

The SPAD XII was identifiable from the outside by it's forward wing stagger, rounded ends on the mainplanes. The aircraft was not popular with the less skilled pilots due to it's demanding handling characteristics. The 37 mm cannon was also not suited for pilots that were not exceptional marksmen, it was a one shot weapon that filled the cabin with smoke, needed to be reloaded after each shot while in flight. Georges Guynemer and René Fonck both scored several victories while piloting the SPAD XII.

Type: Fighter
First Introduced: 1916
Engine: 1 x "Hispano-Suiza"8C , 200 hp.
Wingspan: 8.00 m
Length: 6.40 m
Weight: 587 kg/883 kg
Max. speed: 203 km/h
Ceiling: 6850 m
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 x 37mm gun
1 Vickers .303 machine gun on some versions