Pomilio PE

Manufactured in Italy and the United States, the Pomilio PE was effectively used by thirty squadrons for reconnaissance and artillery spotting. Like its predecessors, the PC and PD, the PE two-seater biplane had a wood and metal airframe but featured a redesigned tail with larger tailplanes. Built in large numbers, it was very fast, manoeuvrable and had an excellent rate of climb.

Country: Italy
Manufacturer: Fabbrica Aeroplani Ing. O. Pomilio & Compagnia
Type: Reconnaissance
First Introduced: 1918
Number Built: 1,616
Engine(s): Fiat A12, 260 hp [190 kW] (Italy)
Liberty, 400 hp (USA)
Wing Span: 38 ft 8 in [11.78 m]
Length: 29 ft 4 in [8.94 m]
Height: 11 ft [3.35 m]
Empty Weight:
Gross Weight: 3,391 lb [1,538 kg]
Max Speed: 120 mph [194 km/h]
Ceiling: 16,405 ft [5000 m]
Endurance: 3 hours
Crew: 2