Morane Saulnier L

Morane-Saulnier L [Russian]

A "parasol" monoplane, the Morane Type L was a fragile two-seat reconnaissance aircraft. It was the first aircraft armed with a fixed machine gun that fired through the propeller arc. Bullets which struck the propeller were deflected by steel plates. Armed with a Hotchkiss machine gun firing 8 mm solid copper bullets, Roland Garros tested the design in April 1915. He scored three victories in three weeks before the plane was captured by the Germans.

Country: France
Manufacturer: Société des Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier
Type: Fighter Reconnaissance
First Introduced: 1913
Number Built: 600
Engine(s): Gnome, rotary, 80 hp
Wing Span: 36 ft 9 in [11.2 m]
Length: 22 ft 6¾ in [6.88 m]
Height: 12 ft 10½ in [3.93 m]
Empty Weight: [385 kg]
Gross Weight: 1,441 lb [655 kg]
Max Speed: 71.5 mph [115 kmh]
Ceiling: 13,123 ft [4000 m]
Endurance: 2½ hours
Crew: 1 or 2
Armament: 1 machine gun