Lebed VII

The Lebed-VII was a Russian manufactured copy of the Sopwith Tabloid. The aircraft was powered with a 80hp Gnome engine instead of the Gnôme Monosoupape, rotary, 100 hp engine in the original 1913 British design. The aircraft was intended to be used as a fighter prototype but carried no weapons. Only a few them were built .The Lebed-VII that were built ended up being used for pilot training.

Function: Trainer
Year: 1915
Crew: 1
Engine: 80 hp Gnôme Monosoupape
Wing Span: 24.9 ft 7.49 m
Length: 22.8 ft 6.95 m
Gross Weight: 1,578 lb 716 kg
Max Speed: 92.5 mph