Handley Page O/100

Handley Page O/400

The Handley Page O/100 biplane was the first true heavy bomber manufactured by the British. Specifically designed for the purpose of bombing Germany, an order for forty aircraft was placed while the design was still on the drawing board. On 1 January 1917, four new O/100 bombers took off for delivery to France. Unfortunately, one of the new bombers was captured by the Germans when its pilot inadvertently landed at an enemy aerodrome.

Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Handley Page Ltd.
Type: Heavy Bomber
Entered Service: November 1916
Number Built: 40
Engine(s): 2 Rolls Royce Eagle II, 12 cylinder, liquid cooled, inline V, 250 hp
Wing Span: 100 ft [30.48 m]
Length: 62 ft 10 in [19.15 m]
Height: 22 ft [6.71 m]
Empty Weight:
Gross Weight: 14,020 lb [6,359.4 kg]
Max Speed: 85 mph [137 km/h] at sea level
Ceiling: 7,000 [2,134 m]
Endurance: 8 hours
Crew: 4
Armament: 4-5 machine guns
1,792 lb [812.8 kg] of bombs