Beardmore W.B.III

The Beardmore W.B. III

The Beardmore W.B. III was nicknamed the folding Pup. This aircraft was built to be used on aircraft carriers as naval scouts. The wings and landing gear would fold up to be more easily stored on board. Later models had fixed landing gear that could be jettisoned off in case of an emergency landing at sea. A Lewis machine gun was mounted on the upper wing that fired over the propeller. By the end of 1918, 55 of these aircraft had been built.

Beardmore W.B.III
Type: Naval Scout
Number Built: 55
Engine: Le Rhone9C rotary 80 hp
Wing Span: 25 feet - 7.63 m
Length: 19' 3" - 5.89 m
Empty Weight: 880 lbs - 399.17 kgs
Speed: 88 mph/10,000' 141.62 kph/3048m
Endurance: 2 hours and forty five minutes
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 Lewis machine gun