Anadwa VKh

The construction of the Anadwa VKh used two Anatra D fuselages, joined by a new wing that was still using elements of the Anade wing. The left fuselage was occupied by the pilot, and the right by an observer. The aircraft's gunner was located in nacelle attached to the centre of the upper wing providing an excellent defence capability. Early models were powered by a pair of 100hp Gnome-Monosoupape engines. Test flights started on July 9, 1916.

Anadwa VKh
Year: 1916
Function: light bomber
Crew: 3
Engines: 2 - 100hp Monosaupape
Length: 7.7m
Wingspan: 19.0m
Wing area: 62.0m2
Endurance: 3.0h
Payload: 600kg