Albatros D.I

Ordered to copy the Nieuport 17, the Albatros company developed the impressive D.I. Unlike other fighters at the time, its fuselage was covered with sheets of plywood rather than stretched fabric. This gave the D.I great strength and rigidity. Despite poor visibility to the front and above, Oswald Boelcke used this plane to achieve 11 victories in 16 days. The Albatros D.I re-established German air superiority and made the British "pusher" designs obsolete.

Country: Germany
Manufacturer: Albatros Werke GmbH
Type: Fighter
First Introduced: August 1916
Number Built: About 50
Engine(s): Mercedes D.III, 160 hp
Wing Span: [8.6 m]
Length: [7.3 m]
Height: [2.9 m]
Empty Weight: [645 kg]
Gross Weight: [898 kg]
Max Speed: 115-120 mph
Ceiling: 17,000 ft
Endurance: 1.5 hours
Crew: 1
Armament: 2 machine guns