Airco D.H.9a

The Airco D.H.9a biplane bomber was an enlarged version of the D.H.9 with much needed improvements. It was equipped with the more efficient American Liberty engine, had a nose mounted radiator and even featured a spare tire mounted under the fuselage. Although a bit shorter than the D.H.9, its larger wings provided more lift for carrying heavier payloads. The D.H.9a entered service too late to have much of an impact on the outcome of the war.

Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Type: Bomber
First Introduced: August 1918
Number Built: 2,500
Engine(s): Liberty, 12 cylinder, liquid cooled, inline V, 400 hp
Wing Span: 45 ft 11 in [14 m]
Length: 30 ft 3 in [9.22 m]
Height: 11 ft 4 in [3.45 m]
Empty Weight:
Gross Weight: 4,645 lb [2,107 kg]
Max Speed: 123 mph [198 km/h]
Ceiling: 18,000 ft [5,486 m]
Endurance: 5 hours
Crew: 2
Armament: 2-3 machine guns
460-660 lb [208.7-299.4 kg] of bombs