Airco D.H.5

Unlike other biplane fighters of its day, the Airco D.H.5 featured an unusual wing configuration. By positioning the upper wing toward the rear of the cockpit, designer Geoffrey de Havilland was able to improve the pilot's field of vision. Despite this improvement, at high altitude the D.H.5 was a poor performer due to its underpowered engine. By the end of 1917, it was removed from combat and used as a trainer.

Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Type: Fighter
Entered Service: May 1917
Number Built:
Engine(s): Le Rhône 9J, rotary, 110 hp
Wing Span: 25 ft 8 in [7.82 m]
Length: 22 ft [6.71 m]
Height: 9 ft 1½ in [2.78 m]
Empty Weight: 1,010 lb
Gross Weight: 1,492 lb [677 kg]
Max Speed: 102 mph [164 km/h]
Ceiling: 16,000 ft [4,877 m]
Endurance: 2 hr 45 min
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 machine gun