Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8

Also known as the "Big Ack," the Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8 biplane bomber was widely used by the French and British during the last two years of World War I.

Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Armstrong, Whitworth and Company, Limited
Type: Reconnaissance/Bomber
Entered Service: 1917
Number Built: More than 1200
Engine(s): Beardmore, 160 hp
Wing Span: 43 ft 8 in [13.3 m]
Length: 32 ft [9.5 m]
Height: 10 ft 10 in [3.3 m]
Empty Weight: [870 kg]
Gross Weight: [1275 kg]
Max Speed: [158 km/h]
Ceiling: [3,692 m]
Crew: 2
Armament: 2 machine guns
160 lb [73 kg] of bombs