Western Pacific Airlines

The founder of American West Airlines, Edward R. Beauvais, is recognized for successfully leading it from 1981 until he left in 1992.  He later, in 1994, announced the formation of Commercial Air.  However, the operating base was the Colorado Springs Airport, rather than the larger Denver International Airport.  Until recently, CSA was used basically by the military. Western Pacific Airlines began service in 1995 with eight Boeing 737's.  They originally flew to Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.  Several other destinations in the United States were rapidly added. An interesting characteristic of Western Pacific's aircraft's is that they are painted with advertisements, which brings them both revenue and public attention. In 1996, Western Pacific became a shareholder of the newly set-up Mountain Express with a marketing alliance between them. Because of the lack of new Boeing 737-700s, rented Boeing 727s have been used for expansion of the routes. A merger was proposed between Western Pacific and Frontier in October of 1997.