Value Jet

Founded in 1993, Valujet first began service on October 26 of the same year.  They first began flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Tampa, Florida. Twenty cities in the United States were added after just a year of flying with their fleet of DC-9-23's.  Other types of aircraft (like the MD-80's or DC-9-20's) were being used after the market for used DC-9-32's was exhausted.  They also made an order with McDonnell Douglas for 50 new MD-95'.

Valujet was forced to slow the rapid expansion of their routs because of the Federal Aviation Administrations decision to keep a watchful eye on them, mainly because of maintenance problems they encountered earlier.  Regardless of this, On May 11,1996 a Valujet DC-9 was lost.  Even though the cause of the accident had not been found, Their operating license was withdrawn.  In September of 1996, however, they were given permission to restart services on a restricted basis. Many of their aircraft's were sold or taken out of service during the grounding.  A merger was agreed with AirTran Airways in July of 1997.  at which time Valujet begun using AirTran Airways  name and colours.