In 1950, Ozark Airlines opened its door to the public. The airline had purchased DC-3 aircraft from the defunct  Parks Airline. In 1947, the Civil Aeronautics Board had issued a certificate to Parks Airlines. However, Parks never opened its door and two years later the CAB cancelled Parks certification. Ozark began expanding its routes in the northwest and southwest. By the mid 50's, Ozark Airlines purchased turbo prop aircraft. This put Ozark Airlines in the running as a viable air carrier. In 1978, the Airline Deregulation Act 1978, was enacted. This allow Ozark to expand into more profitable routes and drop those routes that was less profitable. However, this act brought about fierce competition within the industry. Air carriers were looking to purchase other carriers to gain a stronger market share and eliminate competition. The prices wars broke out. Air carriers were trying to gain passenger profits and put other carriers out of business. Ozark Airlines was unable to gain the edge. In 1986, TWA purchased Ozark Airlines.