Short L17 Scylla

A landplane version of the Kent was requested by Imperial Airways in early 1933; the resulting two Short L.17 aircraft flown in March and May 1934 were later named 'Scylla' and 'Syrinx'. Powered by four 595 hp (444 kW) Bristol Jupiter XFBM engines, the airliners had accommodation for 39 passengers and were fitted with autopilots. One was used later to test Perseus IIL engines, until it suffered gale damage, and in the subsequent rebuild 660 hp (492 kW) Pegasus XC engines were installed. Both aircraft were withdrawn in 1940.

Power Plant: Four 555 h.p. Bristol Jupiter
Span: 113 ft 0 in
Length: 83 ft 10 in
Weight (All-Up): 32,000 lb
Max Speed: 137 m.p.h.
Range: 500 miles
Crew: 4