Douglas Super DC 3

The Super DC-3 was a major modification of the DC-3 with new wings and empennage, redesigned landing gear, lengthened fuselage and more powerful engines. As a replacement for the DC-3, it had considerable appeal to the military, and a few were converted to airline use. The only 3 Douglas DC-3S aircraft to experience airline service had c/ns 43191, 43192 and 43193 and flew with Capital Airlines for less than 2 years; all three had been converted from early DC-3-178 models: c/ns 1557, 1554 and 1548 (with right-hand side cabin door).

The US Navy had 100 R4D-5s and R4D-6s converted to "Super Three" (R4D-8) standards. Other engines were used: Wright R-1820-80s. The name "Skytrain II" did not stick much, "Super DC-3" or "Super Three" did. Initially designated R4D-8, the designation was changed to C-117 after 1962.

Crew 3
Cruising speed 238 mph / 380 kmh
Ceiling 24.000 ft
Range 1.600 miles / 2560 kms