Howard Kullberg

Howard Albert Kullberg

Name: Howard Albert Kullberg
Country: United States
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps Royal Air Force
Units: 1
Victories: 19
Date Of Birth: September 10, 1896
Place of Birth: Somerville, Massachusetts

Rejected by the United States Air Service for being too short, Kullberg joined the Royal Flying Corps in Canada on August 7, 1917. In May 1918, he joined 1 Squadron in France to fly the S.E.5a. Scoring his final victory on September 16, 1918, Kullberg was hotly pursued by the companions of the Fokker D.VII he'd just shot down. Severely wounded three times in the leg, he spent the remainder of the war in hospital.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
"This officer has destroyed six enemy aeroplanes and has taken part in seven engagements when others have been destroyed by members of his patrol. A bold and keen officer who possesses a fine fighting spirit." DFC citation, London Gazette, November 2, 1918