Georges Madon

Georges Felix Madon

Name: Georges Felix Madon
Country: France
Rank: Capitaine
Service: French Air Service
Units: BL30; MF218; N38; Spa38
Victories: 41
Date Of Birth: July, 1892
Place of Birth: Bizerte, Tunisia
Date Of Death: November 11, 1924
Place of Death: Tunis

Madon's 41 victories place him high among the least recognized top aces of the Great War. Unofficially, Madon was credited with 64 probable victories, for a theoretical total of 105.

Having learned to fly in 1911, Madon entered the army the next year and obtained his military brevet in January of 1913. Madon was one of the most experienced French military fliers when the war began. While flying with BL.30, he strayed into Swiss airspace in April of 1915 but escaped internment in December.

Assigned to MF.218, then-Sgt Madon requested fighter duty and in September of 1916 he joined N.38. He scored his first victory that month, by year's end had a total of four and was promoted to adjutant.

Madon was wounded in action on July 2, with a score of 12 victories he was promoted to sous lieutenant in August 1917. This becoming a permanent appointment in February 1918. He left N.38 in March of 1918 with a total of 25 victories. He then assumed command of the escadrille which was re-equipped with SPADs. Madon's best month was June 1918 when he claimed eight enemy aircraft. His 41st and final victory came on Sept 3. He received a temporary promotion to captain on 11 November.

In November of 1924, Madon was killed in Tunis while flying in a tribute to Roland Garros.