Eugene Coler

Name: Eugene Seeley Coler
Country: United States
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Units: 11
Victories: 16
Date Of Birth: January 13, 1896
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey
Date Of Death: August 30, 1953
Place of Death: Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire

Coler joined the Royal Flying Corps in Canada during 1917. The following year, he was assigned to 11 Squadron as a Bristol Fighter pilot. On August 13, 1918, he and his observer shot down five Fokker D.VIIs in three minutes of fierce fighting over Peronne. Wounded in action by Jasta 2 on September 16, 1918, Coler always shot down two or more aircraft at a time. After the war, he became a doctor and served with the United States Army Air Corps during World War II.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
"Bold in attack and skilful in manoeuvre, this officer never hesitates to engage the enemy regardless of disparity in numbers. On August 13, when on escort duty, he dived on a formation of twenty enemy aeroplanes. In the engagement that ensued, he himself destroyed three and his observer two, making a total of five machines destroyed in the fight; a fine performance reflecting great credit on the officers concerned." DFC citation, London Gazette, December 3, 1918