Edmond Thieffry

Name: Edmond Thieffry
Country: Belgium
Rank: Sous Lieutenant
Units: 4me, 5me
Victories: 10
Date Of Birth: September 28, 1892
Place of Birth: Etterbeek
Date Of Death: April 11, 1929
Place of Death: Africa

Thieffry joined the army but was soon captured by the Germans. He escaped on a stolen motorcycle and was interned when he entered the Netherlands he successfully argued for his release and was promptly back on the stolen motorcycle, heading for home. In July of 1915, Thieffry transferred to the Belgian Air Service where he crashed more aircraft during training than any other Belgian pilot. As a result, his superiors were reluctant to assign him to a two-seater squadron for fear he would kill the observer in a crash. Instead, he was assigned to fly single-seat fighters. Thieffry promptly crashed his first Nieuport scout and as he attempted to climb from the wreckage, he accidentally fired his machine gun, scattering the onlookers who were rushing to his aid. His skills as a pilot eventually improved and Thieffry went on to become an ace. In February of 1918, he was shot down in flames but survived and was captured.