Andre de Meulemeester

Andre Emile Alfons de Meulemeester

Name: Andre Emile Alfons de Meulemeester
Country: Belgium
Rank: Lieutenant
Units: 1ère, 9me
Victories: 11
Date Of Birth: December 28, 1894
Place of Birth: Bruges
Date Of Death: March 7, 1973
Place of Death: Bruges

Andre de Meulemeester dubbed "The Eagle of Flanders" joined the Belgian Air Service on January 26, 1915 and was assigned to 1ère Escadrille de Chasse on April 8, 1917. While flying a Nieuport 17, de Meulemeester scored six victories before his unit was re-equipped with the Hanriot HD.1. In the spring of 1918, he was joined 9me, scoring four more victories by the end of the war. During 511 sorties, de Meulemeester engaged the enemy in aerial combat 185 times, was wounded in action twice and was attacked by British D.H.4s on two occasions. In 1919, de Meulemeester left the army, gave up flying and went to work in his family's brewery business.