Hispano-Suiza 8BE  

Hispano-Suiza 8BE
Type: 8 cylinder, liquid-cooled, V
Displacement: 718 cu. in.
Rated Horsepower: 220
Rated RPM: 2,100
Weight (dry): 506 lbs.
Power/Weight ratio: 2.3 lbs/HP

The Hispano-Suiza 8BE is a V-type, eight-cylinder, liquid-cooled aviation engine of 220 hp that drives the propeller through a reduction gearing system. It is one of the series of 150 to 340 hp V-8 engines of similar basic design produced by Hispano-Suiza (or license-built by other manufacturers) during and after World War I. Hispano-Suiza, or "Hisso," engines were especially compact for the amount of power produced. They were used in numerous types of aircraft including models of the SPAD. American versions of the 150 hp Hispano A, built under license by Wright-Martin, were used in later models of the Curtiss JN-4 trainer as well as the JN-6, the Lewis and Vought VE-7, Consolidated PT-1, and other American aircraft. More powerful Hissos were used in the U.S. assembled SE-5E. The engine on display is similar to those used in such aircraft as the Caudron R-11, the SPAD XI, and the SPAD XIII.