1927 to 1930
Fokker F.VIII

1927 The twin engine pre WW2 production airliner of Fokker.
Rohrbach Ro V Rocco

1927 All-metal flying boat, which was briefly used on the Germany - Northern Europe route.
Lockheed Vega

1927 The fastest airliner during the late 1920s.
Short S.8 Calcutta

1928 The first British airliner with an all-metal fuselage.
Kalinin K-4

1928 The first soviet production airliner.
Sikorsky S-38

1928 The first commercially successful airliner of Igor Sikorsky.
Ford 5-AT Trimotor

1928 The standard US long-range airliner from the end of the 1920s to the beginning of the 1930s.
Boeing Model 80

1928 The first multi-engine airliner of Boeing. The first airliner with stewardess.
Rohrbach Ro X Romar

1928 The first attempt to build a Transatlantic airliner.
Latécoère Laté 28

1929 It worked the route from France to West Africa and in South America.
Westland IV Wessex

1929 British short haul airliner of the 1930s. The first multi-engine airliner in Rhodesia.
Tupolev ANT-9 (Trimotor)

1929 The first Soviet all-metal airliner. The first Soviet exported airliner.
Curtiss Model 18/CO Condor

1929 The first airliner of Glenn Curtiss. This passenger plane had lowest noise in passenger cabin.