Ivan Nikolaievitch Kozhedoub

This picture made after the war shows us the 2 Soviet aviators being decorated 3 times with the H.U.S. "Golden Star" "Hero of the People" on the right is Kozhedoub and to the left is Pokrychkine. The two of them having destroyed 121 enemy aircrafts. Both had brilliant careers in the Soviet Air Force after the war.

When taking a closer look at the career of Ivan Nikolaievitch Kozhedoub we see that he flew over 326 mission during the war and engaged the enemy 126 times. (All his victories except for one (a Me 262 ) where obtained against propeller engine aircraft).

Ivan Nikolaievitch Kozhedoub flew with Lavochkin 5FN and Lavochkin 7 like no other, a real master in his art and his exploits where largely reported to the Soviet public which stood in adoration and started knowing his face from the large propaganda posters exposed in public places. Posters that where encouraging the Russian people to fight just like Kozhedoub did.

Kozhedoub's Lavochkin 5

As a member of the Communist Party Kozhedoub was a example to follow for all young Russian Pilots of the Soviet military aviation.
During the great patriotic war Kozhedoub received the "Golden Star" (Hero of the People ) twice and this same award was given to him a third time at the end of the war.

At the time of his first "Golden Star" he was Senior Lieutenant and commander of the 240 IAP only 6 months later he received his second H.U.S. time at which he was promoted to the rank of Captain and made Commanding Officer of the 176 Gv.IAP.

Kozhedoud's Lavochkin 7

Kozhedoub made the step to Jet-engine fighters in 1948 and flew missions in Korea.

In 1974 he became Colonel-General of the Soviet AirForce before being promoted to the rank of General of the Soviet Air Force in 1985 ten years earlier Kozhedoub published his political memories entitled "Vernost'otchizne" (fidelity to the fatherland) in Russia.

Ivan Nikolaievitch Kozhedoub died at the age of 71 in august 1991.

Victories: 62