Adriano Visconti


Major ADRIANO VISCONTI: ace of Italian fighter pilots with 26 victories of which 15 were flying the obsolete MACCHI 200. A further 11 were obtained  flying the more modern MACCHI 205 and  the Me 109 G-10 (white 6).  Wounded a many times, he represented the classic romantic fighter pilot, great commander and loved by his pilots.

On one occasion he was diving for an attack on B-24, Mustangs and Thunderbolts over Lombardia (northern Italy)  when his guns suddenly  jammed.  To support his wing man, Major Visconti, unarmed, carried  on with the attack heading  for the chosen bomber and then crossing  the big formation in a storm of  enemy fire!  In the last months of war some pilots of his squadron went to Germany at  Rangsdorf, Brandenburg and Brandis (JG 400) for converting to the jet Me 163. Because of the very short service life of the German jet engines, most of the training was using gliders!

Major Visconti and his pilots were imprisoned by  communist partisans near Malpensa airfield (Milan). Major Visconti was  taken away to be interrogated: and was shot in the back by red partisans.