Commander, Luftflotte 3 Generalfeldmarshall Hugo Sperrle 

Born in 1884, Sperrle was a veteran from World War One and enjoyed rapid promotion within the Nazi movement during the 1930ís. He rose to fame as the commander of the infamous Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War in which his knowledge of tactical air power increased significantly.

During the Battle of Britain it was Sperrle who spoke out against Goering's decision to change tactics from bombing Fighter Command airfields to the cities. He knew that the Royal Air Force had not been beaten and that Fighter Command would be able to rebuild in strength if given the opportunity. Goering ignored Sperrle and remained adamant that the bombing campaign on British cities would break the will of the people.

Sperrle remained the commander of Luftflotte 3 until 1944 when he was transferred, before finally being captured by the Allies in 1945, tried in court for war crimes and imprisoned.